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White label solutions
for municipal utilities

Our solutions for municipal utilities are designed to be as holistic as they are white-label-capable. As a solutions expert, we provide municipal utilities as regional energy suppliers with everything they need for their new role both as service providers and for their end customers. In an increasingly digital world the needs of end customers are changing, as are the demands of utilities. Increasingly, classic consumers are becoming prosumers – energy producers and active participants themselves in the energy market. This is where coneva comes in. Offering digital energy services – from energy monitoring to energy management. The resulting coneva marketplace provides municipal utilities with the necessary tools for handling the new energy world, which involves both the prosumer and the consumer. By joining a virtual electricity community, energy is transformed from an abstract term into a tangible material by being able to track one’s own consumption, for example, or the regional energy balance as an end customer. We offer all this with a clear focus on user-friendly features and functions, enabling city municipalities to interact with end customers with greater transparency and regularity.

Smart solutions with a future


We are pioneers in successfully positioning our customers in the new energy world. To this end, we have developed sophisticated solutions especially for municipal utilities that offer numerous advantages.

Decentralized energy management
for prosumer as basis
  • Technical solutions based on our IoT energy management platform ennexOS
  • Easy installation via configurable gateway
  • Manufacturer-independent hardware integration
  • Integration of decentralised generation plants, battery storage systems as well as electric vehicles or heat pumps
Modular white label solutions
for public utilities and energy suppliers (B2B2C)
  • Two coordinated frontends for end customers to strengthen municipal utilities' regionality as an asset
  • The energy landscape shows the end customer the regional energy balance, including the share of decentralised PV generation, thereby increasing the customer's regional potential for identification
  • The white label end customer app serves as a new digital communication venue connecting municipal utilities to their customers, creating effective opportunities to ensure customer loyalty via attractive gamification and infotainment elements.
Energy landscape
  • The energy landscape is a dynamic visualization of the region's energy balance in real time. In this case, municipal utilities and prosumers' power generation as well as household energy consumption are all transparent and easily accessible. Configuration options for the energy landscape include individual colors, the vizualisation of geographical features or landmark silhouettes. One plus for sales is that customers can be made aware of further services and offers via the energy landscape on the municipal website.
Energie app
  • The energy app for end customers will also be adapted to the municipal utility's corporate identity, thus serving as a digital and recognizable channel of communication to the end customer. Prosumers can follow their own contribution to regional power generation here, and in the future come to see themselves as part of the energy community. The app provides numerous functions to help consumers better understand their energy consumption. What's more, the app offers numerous analysis functions and attractive gamification and infotainment elements for lock-in effects. With these value-added services, municipalities will be able to maintain close ties with their end customers even in volatile markets.
Find out more about the solutions for municipal utilities here!
Active integration of end customers
Shape your regional energy community working alongside us (perspectival development)
  • Increased sales with white-label community electricity tariff
  • Our solutions' integration into the Smart Meter Gateway communication infrastructure makes our product range MsbG-compliant
  • Creating the basis for local energy markets and opportunities for post-EEG cases

Business models with a future, from a single source

Do you feel the changes in the energy industry underfoot? Are you looking to position yourself as a sustainable municipal utility? If so, let the consumer emerge from behind the meter and take full advantage of the opportunities this coming change offers. Thanks to its comprehensive white-label solution product line, coneva is the right partner for innovative business models from behind the meter – featuring a tailor-made combination of hardware, software and service. This range of services paves the way for a closer and truly regional relationship between municipal utilities, prosumers and consumers. With coneva’s energy services, we are building a digital and networked energy world that will be more orderly, while also being more intuitive and financially attractive for all.

Why make something complicated if it can be done easily?


You aren’t an energy supplier but an end user, or own your own decentralized plant?

End consumers can join our digital energy world, too. Contact your energy supplier or municipal utility – coneva is the right partner for smart and transparent energy services. You can join the energy community via your municipal utility, and actively help to shape it.

coneva can do even more.

We not only offer energy services for municipal utilities and energy suppliers. See for yourself.