Digital Customer Relations

Digital Customer Relations

White Label App for Utilities

One platform with many services! The Energy Buddy App is the energy manager in your customers' pocket. It provides energy transparency with and without digital measurement technology, as well as news and knowledge about the energy revolution. Enjoy the benefits of this sophisticated app and a customized display with your color scheme and logo!

Energy Landscape

Show your customers what you are already doing for the energy transition in your region! The energy landscape offers aggregated energy production and consumption data and thus transparency about the contribution of renewable energies, updated every 15 minutes. Individually designed for you and with different expansion stages.

White Label App for Utilities

  • Your digital communication channel to the customer
  • White Label: Adaptable to your CI scheme
  • Free download for your customer in the App Store

What the app offers:

  • Visualization of local energy flows
  • Consumption analysis without investment and installation of additional hardware
  • Integrates data from your decentralized energy management system
  • Display of the local energy balance in real time
  • Shows the prosumer the individual contribution to the local energy balance
  • Motivates users to actively participate (challenges, high scores, benchmarking)
  • Basis for new virtual tariff concepts (energy community concept and local energy concept)

74% of your customers want more transparency on the subject of energy*

*) Survey of n=1.042 households in Germany


coneva Energy Landscape

We help you to create a stage for your region:

  • Form a central contact point for your customers and present yourself as a local partner
  • Show your end users in real time the renewable energy that is already available in their region
  • Use and establish the energy landscape as a base for new products with a local focus
  • Integrate your energy landscape on your homepage

81% of the German population believe in the energy transition and want to do their part*

*) Survey of n=1.042 households in Germany

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