coneva vernetzt die Energiewelt

coneva connected. energy. value.

Supermarkt mit Leistungsbausteinen von coneva bestens vernetzt

coneva for commercial customers

Stadtwerke mit White-Label-Loesung von coneva

coneva as white label for municipal utilities

coneva – for the new energy world.

coneva stands for “connected.energy.value”. As a corporate start-up of SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA), one of the world’s leading specialists in photovoltaic inverters, the know-how for intelligent local energy management behind the meter is in our DNA. Our legacy includes around 400,000 online photovoltaic systems with around 1.5 million networked devices (including heat pumps, white goods, battery storage, electric charging stations and vehicles). Working from this basis, we offer our commercial customers solutions for optimizing their local energy situation across all sectors, and actively participating in the energy market as prosumers. We offer municipal utilities modular and flexible white label solutions, which enable new business models behind the meter and thus work to foster customer interaction and loyalty. Our solutions help our customers use their energy data efficiently: The IoT energy management platform ennexOS will pair seamlessly with your systems, and makes for easy visualization and network control. With coneva, you can position yourself favorably in the new energy world as a leading provider of integrated energy services.

Energy services from coneva

Energy monitoring

Are you looking to monitor your local energy situation?

Our solutions allow customers to monitor local energy consumers and private generation plants.

Energy optimization

Do you not only want transparency, but also to optimize your own consumption?

If so, our solution offer targeted recommendations for energy optimization and possibilities for improving efficiency, bringing you real savings potential.

Energy management

Are you looking for a centralized management of local energy situations?

Solutions include the automated management of relevant local energy consumers and private production plants.

Energy market integration

Do you see the future in an interconnected web of decentralized plants and assets?

Our solutions allow for the centralized management of local energy situations and participation in the energy market – for example, grid-compatible control of battery storage facilities, or integration into virtual power plants, generating additional revenue potential.

Tomorrow’s energy management

Decentralised energy management from a single source? Natürlich – mit Lösungen von coneva. We link decentralized energy systems into a holistic digital energy world, in which both prosumers and classic consumers can take part. We focus on innovative, data-based energy services for private and commercial customers. Our data-based energy management (ranging from monitoring and local optimization to energy market integration) concentrates on customer-oriented services that help reduce energy costs or generate additional revenue.

  • Cross-sector energy management
  • Energy monitoring
  • Improvements in energy efficiency
  • Flexibility marketing
  • P2P trading and decentralized load management
Energiedienstleistungen von Energieprofis werden im Team entwickelt.

True energy professionals

Our team is composed of experts from the energy, IT and telecommunications industries. Together, we seek to develop innovative solutions for tomorrow’s digital energy world. We are constantly driven to develop useful market opportunities based on the individual challenges our customers face. The coneva team combines know-how, years of experience and pronounced customer orientation – all in the name of sustainable energy services.

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